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How much can the market demand of the fourth generation of punch?

by:Ragos     2021-01-22
Fourth generation punch first bucket of gold, according to a month hundreds factory punch, becoming a professional first, when press the price pressure to the lowest price, customers buy punching machine will swing in the heart, the press brake machine is worth after all, is there a qualified quality, buy to return will not be deceived, s in the change, we punch equipment also needs to improve, rather than falling prices, the decline in the quality of the products, we need to press brake machine to the full information on the development of intelligent planning, recently many of heavy industrial machinery in the intelligent direction changes. Particularly well-known domestic enterprises, but when many of us in the boundless in side, our own century, every day in change, so people like machines, not period of changes, not period of new features of knowledge, can enterprise survive, heavy busy in our country, some three line four cities are also gradually changes, many of these people won't feel, only these enterprises is the comparison of the domestic advanced mechanical skills, do the merchants of press brake machine can also refer to these skills. ​ Same you from two years of time, and the day you come back you will sigh, home really big changes, s forward every day, for now the stainless steel market, the semi-active far cannot meet the market demand, in the end of 13, machinery was born the first punch, actively integrate punching professional boss are coming to watch, but because of the skill not mature, finally ended in failure, exit the market, every manufacturer until 16 years machine to launch the initiative. Only needs a new skills both half jins chooses to machinery is able to produce new punch above, on the basis of the next few years, especially the Internet to carry out the change drives in all walks of life to carry out the situation changes, if you don't update machinery, then wait for as long as obsolete. If we can plan on mechanical skills is advanced intelligent robotic arm, there is also a part of a smart businessman, always adhere to quality, produce de-skilled specification, the price will be based on professional change to change, but not too low. So this is also a professional normal phenomenon. Choose PC control machine manual, mechanical arm active feeding, one pace reachs the designated position, this is the machine changes of direction. Also by stainless steel pipe customers like, just a few short years time, throughout the country market, but also follow skills improve, s in advance, the semi-active machinery market is also beginning full, want to or be defeated must rely on state, skill, 3 years time for discussion, finally the output with 2 now. Five industrial big s standards of punch press equipment.
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