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How line spring mill on line?

by:Ragos     2021-03-16
is very commonly used wire processing equipment, industrial field and in the process to ensure the processing precision of the spring, do you usually need to line, ensure that the wire transfer line spring machine straightening, how to conduct the transfer line spring machine line? Transfer line spring machine adjustable line operation method: 1, relaxation line spring mill respectively before and after the position of linear adjustment linear perlin adjustment screw. 2, pull the wire from the line frame, through the scraper, and import the line spring machine before and after line on straight groove of perlin. 3, moderately linear perlin on adjustment screw. 4, with handle gently send wire to wire feeding unit after wire bracket, and check and adjust the action. Among them, include see if wire feeding smooth; Check out the line of body is squeezed and deformation; See if out of line to line, and with the wires in a bracket. Transfer line press brake machine adjustable line alignment occurs about migration solution: 1, if send to qualify the line to the left deviation, then should relax on the left side of the adjustment screw, then tighten the adjustment screw, on the right side of the right to send to qualify for a straight line. 2, if send to qualify the line to the right, then should relax on the right side of the adjustment screw, then tighten the left right adjustment screw, so send to qualify as a straight line. Above is transfer line press brake machine adjustable line alignment, the method of processing done before wire straightening can continue section size, speed, adjusting, the machining precision of better security equipment, dongguan CNC as large domestic wire forming equipment manufacturer, can provide more high quality line press brake machine equipment.
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