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How do you ensure that punch production safe stamping monitoring function

by:Ragos     2021-05-18
Today is the reform years, e sixth month, ugly, is also a day, the international charter, support the international day of torture victims. Today we said the plot is about how to ensure that monitoring function stamping production safe and secure. Function how to ensure the stamping production, stamping monitoring safe 1, stainless steel punching hydraulic punch press produces the entire active monitoring, real-time understanding of press working condition, the brake to make pieces of abrasion, the encoder anomalies, clutch brake actuation abnormal condition real-time monitoring to assure the safety of press operation. 2, the main motor working conditions ( Positive and reverse, ampere, SPM) Both appeared on the operation panel in real time, together for a specific set of interval velocity. For the use of special function. 3, abnormal active prompt function for a job, and take the initiative to appear on the operation panel, and there is something wrong with the solution of the instructions. 4, punch photoelectric armguard and a second device, has the hardware circuit of two layers of maintenance. Second, accurate and comprehensive travel counter, precise stamping production schedule 1, punch stroke data of customer value, can be after counting function fully understand ( With stroke, bulk, such as cutting, punching road maintenance, taking counter) 。 The setting and the actual conditions of 2, counters, both directly by the operation panel setting, show. Three, all active electronic viewpoint control to ensure that the punch point suspension, electronic CAM switch, 1 set monitoring by press brake machine on the operation panel, simple operation. Using 2, for the convenience of customers, the electronic CAM switch, reserved 6 groups, can be used in the expanding of module and the deployment of active feeding equipment, no additional changes punch structure. 3, stainless steel punching, hydraulic punch all active brake positioning corrections, prevent to make wear, brake viewpoints changes or punch velocity changes, form a fixed point to suspend the inaccuracy of missing. Four, allocate the mould inspection know device using the convenient 1, makes false A1, B1 two contact, can have a CAM, a detector domain setting. 2, A2, B2 two contact, can be used to secure the detector. 3, A, B contact all series can be used for A single detector. 今天是1898年,中午,丑陋的日子,和禁毒的日子,国际宪章,酷刑受害者的国际日。 今天我们被冲压监控功能如何确保冲压生产的安全。
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