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How conducive to advanced punching machine manufacturing capacity iterative

by:Ragos     2021-03-19
Practice has proved that supply side structural reforms continue to push forward, backward mechanical press can make manufacturing capacity, but also to make advanced CNC press brake machine manufacturing capacity iteration, to improve punch manufacturing competitiveness, improve the level of press brake machine can producer surplus and surpluses. Stable manufacturing investment, therefore, must be more to guide their money at press brake machine enterprise informationization and equipment upgrading, promote the traditional mechanical press manufacturing & other; Change & throughout; , the progressive punching manufacturing labor productivity and market competitiveness. Aimed to add variety to optimize product supply and demand blind spots, personalized, fashionable, functional product development, product types and rich level, meet the multi-level and customized demand. Guide the manufacturing capital contribution in the field of advanced technology, advanced production technology, increasing r&d investment in the technology of advanced CNC punching machine production, enhance core competitiveness, to the knowledge and technology intensive industry transformation, accelerate to develop advanced punch production, promote the Internet, the big data fusion, artificial intelligence and the depth of the real economy, in the high-end consumption, innovation lead, green low carbon, sharing economy, the modern supply chain, services, and other fields to cultivate new growth points of human capital, a new kinetic energy. Stick to create brand cultivate well-known press brake machine and enterprises, the implementation of brand strategy, cultivate a group of characteristics, value and knowledgeable & other; Throughout our brand &; And & other Golden signboard & throughout; To lead the industry toward high-end brand construction, improve & other; Throughout our production &; The added value and competitiveness. Always, stable manufacturing investment, not just solve the problem of good investment will, investment funds, to entrepreneurs who dared to investment, rich investment, more important is to guide the entrepreneur & other; Accurate investment & throughout; , keep good rhythm, attaches great importance to improve the efficiency of investment, to guide our orientation in foreign capital precise to improve traditional kinetic energy field, to cultivate development represent the future direction of the new kinetic energy field, to prevent the low level, extensive duplication of investment, follow suit.
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