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How can you guarantee good punching processing performance method?

by:Ragos     2021-05-24
The following we should do in the punch stamping process? 1, press manufacturers on the slider to drive mode beginning from open under the condition of the peak, in the upper and lower die don't touch. 2, when the template of the touch of stamping die, punch slider continued downward, lower die spring start tightening or gas cap screw down, make the lower downward movement. 3, press brake machine block continued downward, near the template ( Mold closing status) Bottom dead center, integrated fully under the knife mold, stamping forming bent on this point the marginal is over. 4, after the punch bottom dead center, punch on the slider to drive mode beginning to rise, at this time, because the pressure eased, my mould stripping under the action of spring force, the lower stamping injection knife from the lower die ejector pin and the template, make complete stamping templates prolapse. 5, punch die slider drive continued upward, back to its highest level in the open position, the end of a stamping process. is an important kind of stamping equipment, has been widely used in machinery manufacturing, press brake machine repair homework is a necessary condition of extension press brake machine using life. In addition to do repair work press, punch press cleaning operations, to ensure that the punch excellent machining performance. Here let's concrete analysis, how to make press brake machine cleaning and maintenance work. 1, each class is necessary to use the manual oil pump connecting rod bearing, shaft sleeve, left, at least 2 - Three right rail oil. 2, each class is necessary to support large gear, gear meshing surfaces, manipulator, ball head screw fill time. 3, it is necessary to clutch with guns, refueling sub keys at least two times a week. 4, it is necessary to check the shaft bearings and grease on a monthly basis. 5, it is necessary to check the nut connecting rod bearing shell and often loose connection parts, and stick to a sweeping machine every week to clean, keep the equipment clean.
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