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How can reasonable transformation stamping machine?

by:Ragos     2021-01-18
One, first, according to the needs of production, processing and object technology analysis, determine the object and technical requirements of modification, and writing the design specification. Should be selected in the specification the type of punching machine modification, cutting dosage, route of tool motion, computing ( Or estimate) Productivity, cutting force and cutting tools, etc. , the specific technical parameters of the fixed in the form of a file, as the original basis of design. For the selected press brake machine was modified by careful analysis, understand the technical specifications, technical conditions, contact the parts dimension and so on, to analyze strength and rigidity, and can adapt to the modified requirements and economy, etc. , will be required along with all the relevant parameters and writing the design specification. Second, according to the requirements of the design plan descriptions of the proposed technical measures, formulate modification scheme. Must be taken into account comprehensively in the process, technical and economic indexes, makes every effort to make the modified equipment can not only meet the requirements of technical performance, but also get the best economic benefits, make the technology advancement and the economical reasonable well together. Three, for punching machine modification technology design stage. The necessary analysis and calculation, determine the relevant parameters and standard parts, components, specifications of purchased components. Four, draw detail drawings with punching machine modification. Five, manufacture, installation, debugging. This is one of the keys to punching machine modification, after debugging qualified, according to the design requirements for negative test and examination of various precision index, until processing of qualified products.
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