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How can prolong the service life of punch die

by:Ragos     2021-01-18
Today, we punch manufacturer decryption with you how to do ability extends the service life of the punch die? This thesis many press brake machine users are very seriously! First let's look at what is in the modulus. Refers to the stamping die modulus upperpunch into mould of lower die depth. On the market most CNC punch mould into the modulus control in 3 mm, and a single brand of CNC punch mould into the modulus control at 7 ~ 8 mm. Then this into the modulus to the life of mould and what is the effect? Too deep into the modulus will increase the ejection stroke and resistance of mold core, so as to extend the response time of the spring. Equipment in the mold core is not thoroughly from guess out that feed, extremely easy to mold, plate, or damage to clamp, etc. Too small, on the other hand, can make the waste into the modulus to be launched a punch die, and I die inside. The present mode when not in operation, and I die will waste due to the oscillation bounce out equipment, rather than fall into the unloading. So we should, by reference to mold technology guidance to adjust the modulus. The waste will be randomly fall in all corners of the equipment, including turret transmission organization, lower die appearance and workpiece appearance, etc. If waste, falling and I die appearance, will be in the process of stamping mould instead of touching one another, lead to the appearance of upper die, so for a long time, can make the core and lower die cracking on the bad. If fall on the turret transmission parts, waste will be involved in the process of CNC punch press machining transmission organization and damage to equipment. If waste fall in appearance, the stamping parts will scratch the workpiece appearance, affect the machining quality of workpiece. Figure 1 in the case of waste to discharge the scattered rubbish on figure 2 for the equipment. In addition, through the lower die planning into double inverted cone structure or choose mould with blowing equipment which can effectively improve the mold problem with material.
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