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How about safety operation fully automatic CNC punching machine

by:Ragos     2021-04-01
And change along with the development of the automation technology, a growing number of machinery and equipment are in widespread use of automation technology, especially in machine tool industry automation technology application is very extensive, fully automatic CNC press brake machine press is under the automation technology of machine tool types, fully automatic CNC punch press is the use of digital control system, equipped with autoCAD program control of machine tool automation, when using the machine, should pay attention to the points: operating CNC punch press operator must go through to learn, understand familiar with the structure of the press brake machine and its performance characteristics, safety operation procedures and master CNC press brake machine to operate the equipment, the operator shall not, without operating machinery and equipment. CNC punch press device has a safety protection and control device, the operator in the usual operation shall be arbitrarily remove; When boot operation to check whether each transmission parts, machine tool joint parts such as lubrication, and the protective device is normal, confirmed rear can boot operation. Machine before the operation should be done to make its first free run 2 to 3 minutes, so that the operator check the foot valve control device such as flexibility, and whether abnormalities in every parts and components; In took the moving or running coining press, the operator should be with the head and hands press keep a certain distance, in the process operators shall not talk with people, and always pay attention to the action of the punch, so as to avoid accidental injury accidents. At the end of the working pressure immediately stop check and cut off power supply, to clean the cleanup, fully automatic CNC press brake machine press in all parts the grease, and tidy up the workshop environment.
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