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Homemade 'horizontal press' qiao solution mining accessories

by:Ragos     2021-04-06
Recently, shaanxi tongchuan mining of coal chemical industry group company Wang Shiao coal mine worker homemade & other; Horizontal press & throughout; Success by trial and error, and perfect solved before use & other; Vertical press & throughout; Many problems of plastic accessories production. It is reported, as the mine mining after 50 years of history, all the more complicated the underground geological conditions, i-steel shed compression deformation serious, with a large range of ups and downs of roadway phenomenon is much more special, on production materials accessories plastic processing workload is quite large; And before use & other; Vertical hydraulic press & throughout; Must play well at the height is 800 mm with a fixed installation of equipments, the need of plastic parts must also be all to the press, have someone helped shield on both sides in the process of plastic, wants to reverse plastic surgery on both sides have dug a pit to equipment for convenient operation; Besides, due to low pressure, to make larger bow i-steel shed, inclined lane changing slope point track special accessories such as difficult, not only time-consuming to live, not plastic production effect is poor, a little bit bad operation also waste material or no safety accident happens easily. In order to solve this problem effectively, the mine plants factory director Yang Jiping hence lead repair workshop technical backbone has repeatedly discussed research, groping practice repeatedly, eventually successful made of old hydraulic support column a mobile & other; Horizontal press & throughout; , the press can move according to actual condition, in the process of the production parts do not have to be staff beside help protect, pressure is compared to the original & other Vertical press & throughout; Raised about half, effectively meet the needs of making all kinds of special accessories, improving the quality of the plastic processing, to eliminate the material waste and unsafe accidents, also greatly reduces the labor work. According to the mine plants worker YueXiaoLin: & other; Since the application & lsquo; Horizontal press & rsquo; After and before 7, 8 individual two or three days of work, now 4, 5, people can easily get a day! ”
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