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Home-made numerical control machine complete variety innovation breakthrough leading level

by:Ragos     2021-06-09
The ascension of machine tool products is a great addition to the national industrial development. The machine tool market, nc machine tools has become the mainstream. According to the China machine tool network understanding, home-made numerical control machine after 30 years of development, has begun to mature, complete product range wide field of application, in the breakthrough of technology innovation is flooding the world leading level. Five axis linkage CNC press brake machine tools is one of the symbols of nc machine tool technology commanding heights. For large propeller space curved surface processing of five-axis linkage milling machine, triggered a sensational beauty, sanctions against the former Soviet union & other Toshiba events & throughout; ; Eight years ago, the United States congress when our country imports 16 sets used in aircraft manufacturing such multi-axis linkage of old machine and cooked up the so-called asks the cox report of sanctions. Super-heavy machine tool CNC is water, fire, nuclear power plant equipment manufacturing, shipbuilding, metallurgy, mining and other major equipment manufacturing industry and heavy weapon manufacturing of key equipment. Wuhan heavy duty machine tool group developed the processing workpiece diameter up to 16 m CNC vertical lathe has five production, can represent super-heavy machine tool production ability and level of our country. The first ever in yantan hydropower turbine power generation equipment manufacturing meet the urgent need to users. Over the next eight years repeated success in production use, the user call & other; Meritorious service equipment & throughout; 。 Followed by a few continue to play an important role for national key project power station equipment, and ensure that the three gorges power station, touted as the world's largest 550 t heavy giant turbine runner processing is completed, by users praise. Has been developed successfully put into use of super-heavy machine tools and CNC floor-type boring and milling machining center, CNC gantry, bridge, fixed beam type. Compound function understand milling machine, machining of 300 t. Diameter of 4. 5 m horizontal lathe, 200 t, 2200 mm diameter workpiece CNC roll grinder, this kind of machine the production, only two or three independent copyright in China reached the world advanced level, become one of the few super-heavy machine supplier in China. Vertical horizontal machining center as collected fall to the ground, the basic function of the milling machine, lathe bed type milling machine, and an automatic tool change according to nc program or automatically change the characteristics of the workpiece tray, also is the basic equipment, flexible production line become requirements of large processing equipment in the machinery manufacturing industry accounts for about 30% total CNC metal-cutting machine tool demand, is a hot commodity world machine tool market, the rapid development of our country in recent years, more than 40 enterprises production, gm varieties have been batch production, a few manufacturers have high precision, big norms product into the market. CNC lathe is also one of highly actie in nc machine tools, production has more than 50 enterprises in China, shenyang machine tool group, dalian machine tool group, jinan first machine tool plant, baoji machine tool plant, cloud machine and so on have been batch production enterprise, variety complete, quality stable and reliable, some already crossed the threshold of the nissan one hundred units. CNC gear machine tools is also one of China's machine tool product strengths, into a series of six axis five linkage CNC gear hobbing machine, seven axis five linkage worm grinding wheel gear grinding machine, seven axis six linkage gear grinding machine, spiral bevel gear are all in the last three years into the mass production of the world's advanced level of the machine tool product. Paging: 12
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