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Home appliance industry needs huge nc punch die

by:Ragos     2021-03-26
All kinds of CNC punch press is one of the most important machine tool processing household electrical appliances industry. At present, many users tend to use nc combined punching and shearing machine ( Can be composed of composite flexible manufacturing CNC punching and shearing line) , but the single CNC press brake machine press, and the market is still very big, is mainly used to take a variety of sizes of groove plate stamping processing, in the large electrical control cabinet processing industry has a broad market, also can be used for other large plate stamping processing. CNC punching and shearing machine can be a complete sheet metal shear, punching, forming, and is especially suitable for the order with the bending process of plate processing. Multistep share a set of numerical control system, hydraulic system and the feeding manipulator, compared with nc chong and Angle shear standalone attachment, not only can reduce equipment investment, save area, reduce the failure rate, but also can be used as a host of punching and shearing composite flexible manufacturing line. Household appliances use various small electronic parts. These small electronic parts processing demand, promote the development of high precision, high efficiency of high speed press. China jinfeng, jiangsu Yang forging, high will finish machine, lift force, forging and xu xian tongli in jiangsu and other companies have high speed press products. The press is widely used in electronics and microelectronics industry, improve the industry technology and equipment level, instead of a large number of imported machine tools. Home appliance industry not only need to all sorts of machine tool and stamping die, its a lot of plastic parts also need a set with the corresponding injection mould. According to the international mold association secretary general luo hui is introduced, a refrigerator need about 350 vice mould; A fully automatic washing machine need about 200 vice mould; Only one air conditioner plastic mold is about 20 pair; About to die 140 vice single color TV, color TV die each year about 2. 8 billion yuan only. With electrical appliances market competition heats up, the shell design become important one annulus, the electrical appliances shell color, feel, precision, wall thickness, etc are put forward new requirements, is a big demand for the new mould. And in the rapid development of die and mould industry also promote all kinds of processing center and advanced machine tools.
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