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His right arm by punching machine cut into 3 doctors 7 hours successful docking 3 section of the residual limb

by:Ragos     2021-04-16
Work when one not careful, the arm was press brake machine cut into three sections, the right hand and forearm fell to the ground. The day before yesterday at noon, after the great master of 42 weeks by this loss of consciousness of life and death is uncertain. After seven hours of surgery, the success will be away from the broken hand and forearm place to live. But the week the teacher still not through the crisis, still need through failure resistance, resistance to infection. One not careful master arm by press brake machine cut into 3 week was saulx caidian district town a pot plant operation press workers, mainly responsible for step bottom of the pot with a punch press. 22, less than 12 o 'clock at noon, the master zhou is processed out a batch of live, think of immediately is about to finished, weeks teacher will processing frequency a little faster. As the weeks teacher finish on a pot, her right hand to the last pot into the press machine, hand could put it down, see press brake machine press down, and a complete right arm is pressed into 3 sections, the palm of your hand and forearm fell to the ground, then a sharp pain let she lost consciousness. Zhou teacher colleagues call 120 immediately sent her to a local hospital, after compression bandage, will be broken again after the palm of your hand and forearm into ice packs, be transferred to wuhan many weeks 1 PM master PuAi hospital in. Good race against time to pick up the palm of your hand and forearm hospital feng wei doctor, master check week injury, found that the right hand humerus distal ( Forearm) From broken, right wrist joints from broken and right wrist bone comminuted fracture, severe muscle and nerve injuries at the same time. Need emergency surgery, otherwise will face the danger of life. Because of intraoperatie need 3000 milliliters of blood, the blood is not in place before operation can't, in this period of time to prepare, Dr Von race against time, master will be weeks away from breaking the wrist and forearm into the operating room for debridement suture and replantation. Has taken less than 40 minutes, feng doctor will pick good wrist from breaks, then surgery for blood, patients quickly taken to the operating room. Seven hours of uninterrupted operation after replantation successfully into the operating room, the doctor immediately for patients with humerus distal ( Forearm) Replantation of severed. Two from the broken parts were stitched 3 aorta, 3 veins, five main nerve muscle group, after nearly five hours of surgery, after suturing the last blood vessels to loosen a tourniquet, see patients right endings restore blood supply, the stage of three doctors temporarily relieved. Then after wound cleaning and defect repair skin, through the efforts of 7 hours, weeks master of limb finally to survive, examined blood supply in good condition. Its luxury XingDan seeks the director introduces, such as serious two weeks teacher plane from the break is a rare injury, now back to survive, need after a period of observation and careful nursing, avoid the harm of postoperative infection for patients.
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