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High-speed punch press suitable for punching thin thickness and high precision products

by:Ragos     2021-04-04
Use scope: one, motor rotor motor stator motor rotor two connectors, porous plug USB adapter plug transistor iron metal contact piece pin three mother, terminal tubular terminal into the terminal terminal S terminal closed end terminal pacifier terminal video terminal TV terminal digital camera terminal computer hard disk data adapter adapter terminals terminal car adapter terminal adapter terminals and other I/O adapter, printer adapter mobile phone adapter, etc. 5, metal shrapnel battery on pieces of metal silicon steel sheet metal reed reed touch switch pills and so on six, stamping precision electronic data is the coil and thin parts, communications equipment such as hardware products parts car parts clock metal accessories, digital products, such as metal fittings LED parts eight, other row needles hollow rivet gaskets gasket elastic contact heat sink battery holder, etc
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