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High speed punch mould inspection is one of the essential link

by:Ragos     2021-01-08
First on the device mold to check carefully before mold impurity does exist, to check the mould of the guide sleeve on the smooth effect how, all good, talent use; Next to the base of mould and punch plate time view, this is to ensure the accuracy of wheel coaxial insist must; Then the wheel is the intensive direction is common of the two, convex concave die device must be strict control device application to mould, don't put wrong, direction and don't get inside out; Device after the mold, but also to check the mold and when connected to other parts of local firm. High speed press brake machine applicable scope is mainly electronic professional and mechanical profession, also can be used in hardware, appearance, mechanical accessories, watches and clocks, and electrical appliances, etc. , also can carry on the processing technology of metal and nonmetal, such as shear was carried out on the sheet or coil, blanking, twists and turns, punching and riveting and light extension etc. High speed punch in practice production data of pressure, make its plastic deformation, and get the required shape and precision, so it is necessary to match a set of mould ( Upper die and lower die) , put data in it, by the pressure on the machine, make its deformation, machining when applied to information formed by the force of reaction, absorbed by the body by high speed press brake machine, guarantee the stability of the precision. 高,被机体吸收 速度,精度得到保证。
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