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High speed punch machine manufacturing briefly

by:Ragos     2021-01-09
Machinery manufacturing is all sorts of machinery ( Such as punching machine, tools, instruments, meters, etc. ) The floorboard of the manufacturing process. It is a manufacturing resources, such as material, energy, equipment, tools, capital, technology, information and human, etc. , through the manufacturing system into available for people to use, or use of the product process. Machinery manufacturing industry in the national economy and social development, the development of any industry in national economy, must be supported by the mechanical manufacturing and provide equipment; In the national economy in the composition of productivity, technology of manufacturing accounts for about 60% one 70%. Manufacturing science, information science, materials science and biological sciences, the four pillars of the interdependence of science, but after the three science must rely on manufacturing science to form the industry and the creation of social material wealth. And the development of science must also rely on the development of information, material and biological sciences. Therefore, machinery manufacturing is the best collection of other high and new technology industrial value. High-speed punching machine can manufacturing equipment of advanced technology of the national economy departments, will directly influence the development of national economy, which affects the whole national economic revitalization. More than half a century since the founding of the people in our country, every development of the national economy and industrial machinery. In the 1950 s, our country to manufacture its own car, tractor, airplane; In the '60 s made atomic energy equipment, hydraulic press, thermal power equipment and precision machine tool, etc. ; Of large complete sets of equipment developed in our country, in the 70 s and the subsequent development of nuclear power system, space in the cause of mechanical equipment and manufacturing technology, such as large hydro-generator. Advanced manufacturing technology of the 21st century is one of the most important aspects of the contemporary international competition of science and technology, has the advanced manufacturing technology in China as a national key development areas. At the same time, as a famous manufacturing city of dongguan, manufacturing high-speed punching machine, at the time of using high-speed punching machine, please pay attention to comprehensive quality, press brake machine speed, safety performance and after-sales service into account, we can find the most suitable, had better use high-speed punch press.
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