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High speed punch for inertia force balance is extremely important

by:Ragos     2021-01-08
High-speed punch press operation by a crank connecting rod slider mechanism inertial force generated by the inertial force is much larger than ordinary punch, the inertial force make the high-speed punching machine produces the vibration noise pollution, and reduce its stamping precision, therefore, for the balance of inertial force of high-speed punch press is extremely important. Through meticulous research, JinZhiDe people find high speed press brake machine inertia force is applied to the crankshaft bearing through the end of the vertical force and horizontal force and ACTS on the slider of the guide surface force and make the vibration of the punch to produce. Usually, more than 20 times of sliding block weight, inertia force amplitude and vertical inertial force is greater than total weight punch machine, and such an enormous inertia force, the normal punch stamping production can produce extremely serious impact, the corresponding improving measures must be taken. To reduce the inertia force and improve the effect of inertia force balance should try to reduce the quality of rotary and reciprocating motion, because the slider high-speed reciprocating motion is the main source of inertia force, therefore, at the same time of guarantee strength, to the quality of the slider design of small (as far as possible Such as the middle hole, the density of high strength low alloy such as light alloy aluminum slider, etc. ) ; Adopt double crank shaft transmission ways of two point or four o 'clock; Adoption of advanced, high adjustability, simple maintenance and dynamic balancing device. High-speed punch press because of the inertia force is too large, with pneumatic balance cylinders when its size is too big, the slider speed high pneumatic sealing ring can't afford, the inferior vena frequently on the exhaust of pneumatic balance cylinder, without proper pneumatic valve can meet the rapid directional frequency, therefore, on the high speed press brake machine unfavorable use pneumatic balance cylinder form of inertia force balance. The inertia force of crank slide block mechanism consists of three parts: crankshaft rotation generate centrifugal force; The reciprocating inertia force of the slider reciprocating movement; The inertia force of connecting rod plane motion. The connecting rod plane motion inertia force of the most complex. The project according to static equivalent condition quality of the connecting rod with two mass substitution method of equivalent transformation to the connecting rod and crank pin hinge points, and merged with the crankshaft rotation inertia force calculation. In addition, our project with special dynamic vibration protector by spring together, in order to prevent the vibration to the press.
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