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High speed press working organs form is varied

by:Ragos     2021-01-08
High-speed press brake machine press is a mechanical transmission equipment, material forming by the transmission mechanism of materials forming force, so that the deformation of the blank for sure made the required artifacts, such as stamping, extrusion and forging process can be performed. High speed punch work organization form varied, usually by the crankshaft, connecting rod, guide rail and slide block parts, function is to convert the rotary motion of the crankshaft system for reciprocating linear motion guide rail system. In the actual use of the structure of high speed punch mainly toggle, connecting rod type, etc. To toggle the structure of high speed punching machine, the punching machine through the vertical guide rail 1 drive the connecting rod 4 side do linear motion guide are pin, L arm drives the toggle do composite plane movement, under the action of the slider in the toggle do reciprocating linear motion. Due to the structure of 6, and in addition to a crank connecting rod (4) external structure symmetry, so the horizontal inertia force of the agency can get a better balance. But a single crank connecting rod mechanism of the reaction between the inertial force of the fuselage can't balance, should be considered in the design. Multi-link structure, high-speed punching machine 12 when rotating crank drive do linear motion guide are block 4, right 3 poles in the upper right under the action of connecting rod to rotate the upper connecting rod. Sliding block in the lower right connecting rod right balance leveraged 10 and 11, the right under the joint effect of dowel bar to do rectilinear motion. The agency for the balance of inertial force, while at the other end of the lever is fixed by a balance wheel, at work, balance pendulum fast direction and the slider on the contrary, balancing role. Also, the machine structure because of the crank connecting rod not symmetrical, its inertia force cannot be offset.
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