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Here you will also feel a second-hand punch harder!

by:Ragos     2021-01-22
How to choose a suitable punch? That is not So easy! Actually really listen to simple, quite cumbersome to operate. Main factor includes: processing category, tons of output, stroke length, flat area, such as daily capacity five categories. The punch and everyone take a look at! 1. stamping processing category a lot, can be divided into shear, stretching, molding, stamping and other four major categories, more can be subdivided into play, punching, blanking, shearing, stretching, bending, forming, stamping, etc. 2. Output of the press tonnage, is needed to complete the processing mould tonnage to estimate, therefore, the main factors influencing the press tonnage, including part Zhou Jiezhi character such as length, material thickness, strength of materials. 3. Stroke length and the size of the flat area is due to the part shape and depth. 4. Main is used to calculate the daily production capacity of punch stroke number and press the Numbers required per minute, to conform to the overall requirements of production. So will be aggregated together to consider various properties, including parts processing, material properties, using tools, etc. , for the perforation of the embryo, process, with the high rate of short stroke press, for forming, stretching process, such as the need to use long stroke, and the slower speed of the punch, when used in coining, embossed embossing process, must adopt the dead center, short stroke press with high energy. For forming, stretch, pressure process, in accordance with the different material and a critical pressure rate, more than the pressure rate, material will thus break, so also need to cooperate with process, material selection to achieve product quality characteristics, press brake machine accuracy should also be taken into account, to produce the excellent products. Read these are psychological bearings will, in choosing a second-hand punch is, at least where to begin.
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