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Have any influence on Taiwan punch industry press industry

by:Ragos     2021-04-23
Mainland than punching machine tool industry, Taiwan punch tool industry development has been the leading. As early as in 1994, Taiwan has entered the ranks of the world's ten largest exporter of punching machine, and has maintained a good development momentum. And Taiwan punch tool industry development clearly and closely related to the mainland market. As the mainland market demand and demand for press brake machine tool product level ascending simultaneously, the press industry also more and more attention to the mainland market in Taiwan. tool industry association executive vice President of China, liang kung said admiral in some preferential policies for Taiwan press brake machine consolidate the position in the Chinese market, the mainland press products will inevitably impact and influence. But there is a kind of development trend is not change, is the mainland and Taiwan punch press products the gap is narrowing, or the power of the game both in quietly changing. Current global CNC punch press market is divided into several basic camps, Switzerland, Germany in the first tier, Japan in the second tier, and the United States came in third echelon, Chinese Taiwan area in fourth tier, technology of punch press and Taiwan and mainland is differ the least. Taiwan punch industry organization has three characteristics, one is the basic production of cheap products, CNC punch press is basically not be economical; Second, do not have large size, heavy production capacity; Three features is fast industrial development, the variety is complete. And the trend of development in recent years shows that the mainland punch industry faster than Taiwan punch industry, except to feature industry. It was because of this advantage, that prompted mainland punch product level rapidly in recent years, poised to Taiwan punch products. This kind of narrow the gap, the mainland to Taiwan punch press products created no small impact. But in mid-range punch products competition, can't ignore the power of Taiwan press brake machine.
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