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Hardware factory punch noise complaint

by:Ragos     2021-05-28
Recently, there are people to reflect city 12345 complain inform against platform, according to west 垺 village industrial avenue, near a public structures barrack for metal production. Because the barrack residential relatively close, press brake machine operation noise seriously affect the normal life, work and rest, the residents hope that relevant authorities shall order the barrack move. Recently at 10 PM, the reporter came to a 垺 village industrial avenue, in the left rear a 垺 village public service station, barrack to see the source says. Into the barrack, simple reporter saw about 100 square meters of factory, with various types of processing equipment nearly 10 sets. In addition to a worker finishing materials, the factory has not yet started. At 11:00 am, barrack processing equipment start homework. Resident's mother-in-law will bring inside press, industrial huts are houses six metres in front of the back wall in the distance. Indoors, the reporter clearly hear car washing operation is metal collision the sound. “ Today's noise is small. More than usual punch homework at the same time, the body organs are also as follow ups and downs to beat noise, very afflictive. ” Her mother-in-law said. According to nearby residents, the barrack building about two months ago, the factory owner claimed to be doing the warehouse, but after the completion of a hardware production workshop, punch operation noise has seriously affected the surrounding residents' daily life. A numerous 垺 village industrial avenue around the building, even in huts next door factory. Barrack area belongs to the residential or industrial zone? The reporter understands from a 垺 village committee, village residential, industrial mix build a 垺 situation is relatively common, the barrack area belongs to the residential areas, the village committee receives masses complaints after consultation mediation. For residents' complaints, the factory's boss responded that due to the original factory old low, to transfer the processing equipment to barrack in hardware production and processing. Mo boss believes that the factory use the punching power is low, low noise, and punch operation strictly control the normal working hours during the day, had a little effects on residents. But after have received complaints from the residents, factory is planning to build new processing workshop, completion of the original work peng will be for the use of the warehouse. “ New processing workshops, finishing materials, transfer equipment such as it takes at least two months, hope in the process, the surrounding people can understand. ” The boss said.
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