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From which a few aspects considering the choose and buy CNC bending machine to reduce the production cost

by:Ragos     2021-05-26
Choose CNC bending machine, is mainly consider the length, thickness of the machining, it is relatively easy to understand, of course, this refers to your own processing items, it is best able to achieve precise selection, only in this way can reduce the cost, for bending machine to choose appropriate or not, can be directly related to the cost issue. Our company mainly produces CNC bending machine, CNC planer slot machine and so on the patent products. Professional research, development, production and sales of high-grade CNC sheet metal processing equipment. With perfect quality, exquisite technology, high-grade, high quality service to win the trust and support of customers, and has become the choice of Chinese users. Insisted that users buy felt relieved, with the idea of fun. Company tenet: constantly perfect, scientific and technological innovation. Company principle: quality first, service first. Enterprise culture: quality is the social responsibility is resistant to the eternal management idea, each kind of equipment research and development, design and production of all pay attention to technology innovation, scientific design, precision manufacturing, and in strict accordance with ISO9001:2008, Germany TUV certification) Quality management system control every production process, to ensure that each factory equipment performance and quality. Because you have to consider the problem is that the bending machine parts, if it is a small workpiece, the tonnage small type of machine is just right. If processing is engaged in a wide range of concave model of low carbon steel, CNC bending machine in the choose and buy should choose his own more than one hundred tons of machine tools is advisable. It also can greatly improve the work efficiency, reduce costs by half. Because of the specific length of workpiece is the most important reference standard machine of choose and buy. Machine under different load, about CNC bending machine working mesa and the change between slide block may be four to five times the number of categories of machine. And for all the machines also rise to the parameters of the coefficient of qualified parts. Due to the short type machine number to the requirement of gasket is not much. Also made in the process of production can be shortened by using the overall length. It also requires from the specific aspects of stainless steel as an important index of reference. Of course, the choice of the CNC bending machine is mainly according to their own situation to choose, this is certain, is also the biggest direct factors to reduce the production cost.
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