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From six aspects to compare plane slot machines and horizontal vertical CNC machine

by:Ragos     2021-06-25
According to the designer's point of view is different, CNC sheet metal V groove planer is designed to set up type and horizontal two mainstream form. Horizontal plane machine from South Korea, as a kind of imported equipment has a lot of people chase after hold in both hands, after used to feel many ills, from the design concept of the device error, due to the following aspects: 1: advantage: precision plane directly related to the effects of Angle groove depth, if the depth error reaches 0. 5 mm, bending position has a significantly differ to R. Vertical plane slot machine is working, planing tool to mesa to run in a straight line position, point to the distance of mesa accuracy control in 0. 02 mm range. Horizontal plane machine, knife with a 1. 5 meters wide and 4 meters long platform of accuracy, in order to control at 0. It is difficult to 1 mm range. 2: power loss: vertical planing planing machine is the rest part do back and forth movement, its weight is 60 kg, horizontal plane is gantry planing and tool holder slot machine parts with movement, the weight at about 1000 kg, its energy loss is vertical plane slot machine more than 10 times, so the vertical plane slot machine is a energy conservation and environmental protection equipment. Three: processing range of advantages: vertical plane machine has ten several independent pressure plate and a dozen independent automatic clamp clamping sheet, no matter how big or small plate are good processing, transverse longitudinal can dig groove, minimum workpiece 80 * 80 mm. Horizontal plane slot machine only for large sheet metal tank, vertical plane after tank due to the deformation of sheet metal, not horizontal clamping to the plane of the horizontal not slot. 4: processing technology advantages: vertical plane slot machine working mesa is high-quality steel whole heat treatment after grinding machine after fine grinding, the surface precision to achieve the effect of mirror surface. Horizontal plane for ordinary iron plate welding machine working mesa, stainless steel plate is higher than its hardness, cutting, the damaged blades, etc. , make mesa potholes. This is the reason why processing of product on spot. Five: advantage: installation of vertical plane machine by plates welded together, high intensity, smooth operation, quiet just flat sturdy cement floor put leveling setup is able to work stability, relocation lifting is very convenient. Horizontal because gantry planer machine speed, huge impact, coupled with the platform need to be adjusted base, all want to do concrete foundation according to the installation drawing, building. Six: safety advantage: vertical plane slot machine by the hydraulic clamping workpiece automatically, automatic positioning, automatic work, the operator away from the machine moving parts. Horizontal plane machine clamping workpiece inside the machine movement range, longmen do high-speed movement, and the manipulation of the part and longmen run together, it is easy to cause personal injury to operators, there are a lot of potential safety problems. General bending processing, at the bend leave big circular arc, and the more thick, processing of plate arc. The larger the existence of the circular arc Angle, affect the product's appearance overall. To solve this problem, the force machine new design concept of CNC sheet metal V groove planer series products. This series of products processing precision is high, easy to operate, stable operation and reliable. Its use in stainless steel, ordinary iron plate, copper plate on V groove processing, especially for V groove before bending processing.
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