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Frequently check the common punching circuit system eliminate the common faults

by:Ragos     2021-04-18
General common property problem, reason of press brake machine press and eliminating measures 1, general press the crankshaft bearing heating sleeve scrape owe good, smooth and bad blow grind copper tile from scratch, to check the smooth condition. 2, from the inside of the flow of oil in the bearing with copper scrap lack of smooth oil, smooth oil is not clean and check the smooth condition, his open bearings cleaning 3, guide rail gap is too small, smooth, poor contact crapping to guide from the start, adjust the gap, pay attention to smooth 4, when the clutch is not combined with operation or combination can't open after inversion of health with the spring lose elasticity key cooperation too close to replace the combination of spring, crapping key gap 5, clutch release slider cannot stop at top dead center position when braking with no tension, braking with excessive wear, there is oil on brake wheel slip, replace, adjust the brake spring tension brake, washed with heat the brake belt and pulley week 6, return plate material without homework is expected to meet wrong place meet adjusting azimuth hand scroll wheel try out 7 locking device, connecting rod screws attack roll or shock 8 ball head rod screw loose rotation locking equipment within the slider ball hit ball head gland poor contact with the ball mat, gland screw loose blow grind ball head, ball pad, tighten gland screw press button (9 Open) Hydraulic press brake machine is not operating power supply circuit, thermal power breaker, view general press brake machine circuit system to eliminate problems Common problems, causes and elimination methods of general'm machine
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