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Four students adapted stray earth CNC punching machine line support structure

by:Ragos     2021-03-27
Recently, the web celebrity 'stray homework' refresh. It is understood that the author of this text is a grade students in 15 'ents armour _MFlai', he said the purpose of the adaptation for poking fun at winter vacation homework more, their homework until the first day at four o 'clock in the morning to catch up. CNC turret punch press has been widely used in electrical equipment, household appliances, kitchen equipment, office equipment, building decoration, chassis cabinets, elevator, metal furniture, medical equipment, lighting lamps and lanterns of sheet metal industry, etc. With the increase of labor costs, increasingly fierce market competition environment, sheet metal enterprises need to flow to the actual processing efficiency of mining equipment, in pursuit of efficient production. In this process, the numerical control press brake machine stamping speed increase is undoubtedly the most important. Four wire support structure of CNC turret punch press F through four axis line guidance support, implements the CNC turret punch press from step ( More than 25 mm) Even at high speed when the stability of the feeding, solved the dynamic migration when high-speed feeding, special guarantees the big board processing of feed accuracy and improve the machine tool running overall stability, flow increases the production efficiency of the enterprise, the stable operation of the equipment at the same time reduce the cost of wear and maintenance. , he said, when you comment on the stray earth video page, didn't expect to be made into video also fire.
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