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Found abnormal sound punch operation exception or how to solve

by:Ragos     2021-04-17
A driving part, exposed to press, it is necessary to shield, stop in the unloaded shield driving or test environment. Second, the first fastening screws should be reviewed before driving any loose, die crack, control group, active devices, clutch, brake is normal big things, smooth system with and without blocking or lack of oil. When demand can open empty experiment. Three, device mold necessary will open to the point of death under the slider, height is necessary to accurately, may even prevent partial luckily load; Beginning and end of the mould is necessary to tighten solid, and review test. Four, leave a heart to meet at work, forbidden to hand and target object into the risk zone. Small must use special target ( Tweezers or feeding group) To operate. Die stuck blank, only apply mutatis mutandis to target to liberation. Five, creating deep throat press are there is movement, or to ( Such as combo crackling sound, Originally should be a stern feeding, review the reasons. Such as loose move to change parts, hold the tengzhou press brake machine loose longitudinal device off spirit, mould and the imperfect, parking should be repaired. 它非常、非常动态创建一个深喉。 ( 例如,单击和裂纹) 应该完成了。 如果搬迁改变部分宽松,滕州印刷机的操作权力,模具松散和不完整的,应停车修复。
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