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Foreign machine tool enterprises to accelerate the localization strategic services in the Chinese market

by:Ragos     2021-06-20
China machine tool consumption for ten consecutive years in the world first, still keep the pattern in 2012, in terms of output, China consumed more than 2/5 of the machine tool, about $38. 5 billion. In recent years, we heard the repetition rate of the highest foreign machine tool enterprises: China, is one of our most important market, even in the most important is, no one. Especially in recent years, the economic crisis, in the case of the global economic slowdown, China still can maintain rapid development trend, is not easy. We, too, for the first and most important, the words of praise to take it. With the large number of multinational companies to enter, there is no doubt that China's machine tool market turned into a battlefield in the region's intangible. Here, the enterprise is in competition with local rivals and other multinational competitors, spelling and consolidation services, spell network technology, more strategic. The four factors change the shape of the market in the direction of industrial structure adjustment policy guide. Eighteen big report, promote strategic adjustment of economic structure is the main direction to speed up the transformation of the pattern of economic development, must be to improve the demand structure, optimize the industrial structure, promote the regional coordinated development, promote attach more importance to the town, which restricts the healthy development of the economy continues to put forth efforts to solve major structural problems. Government repeated adjustment in terms of equipment and import tariffs, for low midrange preferential import tariffs of machine tool equipment has already left. To high-end is the inevitable developing trend of Chinese manufacturing market. China's manufacturing industry after years of rapid development, the requirement of manufacturing equipment also reached a very high level. “ User when looking for a new machine, priority is the core issue of the new machine how to help them to improve the production efficiency and processing quality, it will also consider the area and the stability of the machine tool and use fixed number of year & throughout; , mark machine tools ( Taicang) Co. , LTD. , head of Asia Pacific at christoph hoene said to metal processing online journalists. Production costs increased substantially. Labour costs soared in recent years, also a sharp rise in the price level. How to ensure that China's manufacturing industry profit margins is every enterprise managers focus on priority, so become affordable equipment of choice. Famous foundry enterprises foxconn increased dramatically in recent years, robots and other automation equipment is a very good example. Increase in the production of domestic equipment company level. One industry source told metal processing online. “ China's machine tool production has made & lsquo; Can't do & rsquo; The era of go & lsquo; Can do & rsquo; Age, but from & lsquo; Can do & rsquo; Time to & lsquo; Prepare & rsquo; Era, China is still a long way to go. ” Competition from policy, market, cost, and the four factors, the advantage of pure imported equipment, the foreign capital enterprise in China in recent years strategy has a larger change, localization has become an important tool of foreign-funded enterprises occupy the Chinese market. Foreign capital enterprise localization strategy in the equipment price, service fast, supply has the great advantage. Localization strategies can help foreign companies occupy the Chinese market as soon as possible as early as possible and achieved a certain market share.
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