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Fixed desktop punching waste cutter and the punching flanging process

by:Ragos     2021-04-15
Fixed bench press single process model is only in the press a trip to complete the process of punching die. Single process model is needed to waste with the knife, there are two kinds of waste cutting knife. 1. In deep drawing a flange on the blanking die used to cut off the ring of knife edge cutting waste and clearing. 2. On the press or mould used for article will Belt, volume) Shape waste according to fixed length cutting and removal of the cutter. Fixed desktop punch combination die is the according to the geometric elements by vice general, gradually form a variety of stamping adjustable die set. Planar stamping outline of general need a few pair of combination die rushed into many times. Stop ( Board) Is cut out for the side blade gap materials sent to locate with the hardening of parts, and to balance the side blade of single-sided cutting force. Stop ( Board) Commonly used with side blade. Fixed bench press punching flanging process: as the fixed bench press plate processing, parts quality fit and unfit quality, directly affect the quality of the whole machine. In order to improve product quality, improve production efficiency, it is necessary to improve the product production process, meet the production requirements. Fixed bench press punching flanging process needs to be improved. Fixed desktop press brake machine to press brake machine hole flanging made within the procedure, so that we can avoid the flanging hole hole phenomenon, its working process is that the punch down first punch, press brake machine continue to feed a small section, and then complete the flanging. It on the machine with hydraulic pressure is the most ideal, on the press brake machine can complete punching flanging. In a fixed table press machine, the characteristics of using fixed bench press, in a fixed bench press slide block near the top dead center of complete punching, to the next check point fixed bench press the slider finish flanging, pressure is implemented with a spring, to the next check point slider spring pressure, the largest fixed bench press bearing pressure is the biggest.
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