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Firefighters emergency remove punch rescue caught the boy

by:Ragos     2021-01-31
On July 31, the peak work, a red & other; The ambulance & throughout; Through the traffic. This is the street fire squadron fire engines, was carrying a shock of 3 years old boy rushed to the hospital. ​ 50 at 5 PM, took to the streets in minhou county town within a workshop, a 3-year-old boy accidentally by aluminum alloy bit of press brake machine in her right hand thumb and trapped on a lathe. The boy bleeding, loud cries, the mother Lin and his family did not dare to disassemble the machine. Took to the streets in fire squadron fire fighters quickly rushed to the scene after receiving report to the police. “ The child's right thumb was bit stabbing him because of severe pain now present shock tics. ” Lead continuous commander said. After carefully observe the structure of the drill bit, firefighters use something to open it. After more than 20 minutes, bit was apart from the machine. “ Fast, don't call the car in our car to go to the hospital. ” Continuous said. , the firefighters considering children have shock symptom of commuting peak, an ambulance came also needs time. And, if the hospital before the operation needs to cut of drill bit, firefighters have similar rescue experience that cooperation doctors treatment. So, continuous and his fellow soldiers open fire, the alarm all the way to the fastest speed sent children to save the third people's hospital. “ Just go off work to peak at that time, and less traffic congestion on the road, in order not to delay the healing of the child, on the premise of ensuring security, we ran two red lights. ” Continuous said. After arriving at the hospital, accepts the physician debridement was carried out on the child's trauma disinfection, found bit may hurt arrangement, bones and joints due to the limited professional strength, after the safe children mood, parents transfer to heal. According to reporter understanding, the child has been transferred to the city, the second hospital treatment. Else, according to continuous transfer before he has stated to fire detachment command center related situation, if the hospital needs firefighters cooperation operation, hospital site area fire squadron can supply assistance.
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