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Dual drive high-speed punch and precision punch

by:Ragos     2021-01-09
Some say, don't know what high-speed punching machine, also don't know precision punch is what east east! Know or don't know, it doesn't matter, high-speed punch and precision punching machine has quietly came to our side stamping industry. After Spring Festival, drive by bus stop or train station, and even the road intersection, you can see some eye-catching recruitment, recruitment so-and-so press brake machine operators, and so on. Carefully open the industrial development of modern China, you will find that recently, especially, China is more and more 'missing'. In stamping industry in the industry, because of the traditional press only depends on the person's physical fitness and proficiency, depends on the person's own agility, efficiency and safety factors such as does not exist, and thus some accomplished entrepreneurs to focus on the high-speed punch and precision punching machine; To the purpose of high speed punch is very simple, is to promote efficiency, speed up the capacity; And towards the purpose of high-speed punching machine, was not mere efficiency, and safety, the quality of the product upgrades, etc. ; Dual-core high-speed punch and precision press brake machine like stamping industry, are or will be change our stamping industry. Even some forward-looking mould makers also at the forefront, the first to taste the crab. A many years engaged in the work of stamping mould boss told me that he had done all these years, he had always thought punch is not to need to change, but he mounted to the mold in a biaxial 200 tons of new type of precision punching machine, like just bought the apples. Because, he says, don't need easy to adjust the flywheel. 。 。 High-speed punch and precision punch stamping industry press equipment seems to be the dual core, they are or will change our stamping industry in the future, life will also bring us more good feeling!
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