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Downturn of CNC punch press industry was injected vitality for eighteen big meeting

by:Ragos     2021-01-11
After the first quarter of last year, the industry downturn began in CNC press brake machine press equipment, so far has been in the doldrums. The entire industry is also more and more a lack of confidence, so everyone is waiting for good news, and 18 large is this power supply can give the whole industry. The eighteenth National Congress of the Communist Party of China was held in Beijing, countries around the world at present were gathered here, pay attention to in the meeting can determines the rapid development of China's economic future, and the world economy. For our CNC press brake machine press industry, the conference also has the extremely vital significance. So, the eighteenth big can bring CNC punch press equipment industry in autumn rain, another red flowers? The answer is yes. Qingdao amada CNC think, in the 18th, after the big meeting with the power and smooth transition, policy more and more stable, economic development is the absolute principle, the central focus of policy makers will be turned to domestic economic growth. Economic growth must first from our equipment manufacturing industry to drive, the numerical control punch press will achieve rapid growth.
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