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Don't panic! CNC bending machine more common breakdown maintenance method

by:Ragos     2021-04-19
A, the size of two behind head inconsistent ( The size of the head) Two error is small, in less than 2 mm, see the irrational barrier confirm X1 X2 / mechanical transmission structure, error can be eliminated by adjusting block refers to fine tune. Keep-off shaft drive and servo motor fault, PC control system failure. Such failures because of guide rail service time is long, smooth guide rail is not normal, is wear gap enlargement. Second, the oil cylinder and the slide block loose loose oil cylinder and the slide block cohesion, may cause bending viewpoints banning or machine can't find a reference point. Here, small make up just for us to analyze the common mechanical faults and y hydraulic bending machine repair: after three, gear shaft after no action file material failure causes may be due to the shaft and the shaft driving synchronous belt wheel, article key from or synchronous belt slippage. A, the original model on the platen, pay attention to choose model of hardness, and guide the stick with noodles, via the chipped, guarantee and in more than 85%, zigzag smooth oil groove; B, within the original platen is metal iron. Four, slider into the current line is not straight, the abnormal noise. CNC bending machine because of its negative load, smooth moving parts does not reach the designated position, the work environment is relatively complex, is easy to form the moving parts wear and strain. From start to adjust the parallelism tolerance range, synchronous gear on a device from scratch.
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