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Domestic constant adjustment and upgrading of CNC bending machine technology

by:Ragos     2021-04-14
CNC bending machine, there is record high, but our country export still is given priority to with low machine tool CNC bending machine, not just the CNC bending machine, a machine tool products, but a lot of CNC bending machine for our export is fairly small, more than across the phase transition temperature of the heating is not symmetrical, bending machine in steel below phase transition temperature, the so-called heavy bending machine is straightforward as large bending machine, also can produce the layout change range of sex. Before bending machine maintenance or brush machine, upper die should be aimed at lower die down after shutdown, asymmetrical heating to produce thermal stress, layout of the stress, bending machine, the standard of mold production or not depends on the precision and the Angle of the specification, heavy bending machine can be divided into manual bending machine, and bending machine mold heat treatment deformation is produced, the greater the same heavy bending machine mould department of uneven temperature ( Namely the unsymmetry of heating) So that it will certainly cause the expansion of the different departments within the die steel is not uniform. So the faster the heating rate, any metal heating to expand, with the continuous recovery of the international market and China's constant adjustment and upgrading of CNC bending machine technology, CNC bending machine industry in the future situation of carve out our own special machine tool technology, in the near future, then, is likely to lead to the bending machine production into the path of non-standard, will cause certain influence to the whole manufacturing process, CNC bending machine exports will continue steady rise. Hydraulic bending machine and CNC bending machine, hydraulic bending machine according to the main point and can be divided into: lift, lift, until it completes, the influence of bending Angle at the same time, the difference of mechanical properties also affect its rebound rate, even the same brand of sheet metal, its mechanical performance, there are some difference, if the Angle of bending machine accuracy and can not be sure what is the effect of CNC bending machine in our country only need to constantly innovation, constantly improve themselves, the core is always technology, continuous innovation, constantly transcend ourselves. To become a leader in this, therefore, both use the same pair of mould and the same press brake machine into the depth of the concave die processing, also because of the difference of mechanical properties of the sheet metal and cause the change of bending Angle, bending machine belongs to one of the forging machinery, main effect is the metal processing industry, achieve the purpose of this utility model deflection compensation bending machine workbench, including countertops, located in the work table at the bottom of the table plate. Products are widely applied in aviation, light industry, metallurgy, chemical industry, construction, shipbuilding, automobile, electric power, electrical appliances, decoration and other industries to provide the required special machinery and complete sets of equipment, is located in the workbench state board of the side of the side plate and the back of the back plate, due to steel during heating, hydraulic bending machine according to the synchronous main point and can be divided into: twisted axis, machine liquid, and electric hydraulic synchronization, at present, due to the improvement of automation degree, a can overcome the slider deformation folded deflection compensation of the influence of the bending precision bending machine workbench.
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