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Domestic CNC punch press the market status quo of the development of the inquiry

by:Ragos     2021-04-14
Compared with abroad there are serious problems, such as small variety, the low degree of industrialization, and the technical level is not high. CNC punch press, however, as the basis of industrial machine tool and the equipment manufacturing industry, its rapid development, the demand for domestic CNC punch press features more and more urgent. Therefore, wants to develop CNC press brake machine feature industry development in our country, must first understand the problems facing the industry development: first, the core components of imports after nearly 20 years of technology introduction, digestion, absorption and innovation, the development of CNC punch press industry in China, domestic production of CNC punch press features already have a certain scale. But, according to data provided by the China machine tool industry association, in recent years, our country has been the world first consumer and importer of the machine. However, behind the machine tool industry rapid development, one cannot ignore the fact that our country still had the key parts and components production, the profit is not high, products, lack of core competitiveness. Second, domestic production enterprises of scale is not sound, according to statistics, China's domestic production enterprises features in number is amazing, but in terms of scale is far less than the world average. Mainly to production of a functional unit developed enterprise on production capacity, technological level and use experience can adapt to the market demand, to a certain extent, can be formed scale. Often let users' doubts in the competition, affect the market development, at the same time, its development and ability also to have certain limitations, it is difficult to form a famous brand. And a large number of emerging private enterprises, in jiangsu and zhejiang area could be called & other Corporation type & throughout; 。 These companies mainly labor-intensive, a single variety. Due to the fierce competition, the quality and price can meet the low-standard market needs of the CNC punch press. For part of the foreign joint ventures or wholly foreign owned enterprises in the production of some high level features, but the small batch, and there is no independent development ability, hard to become the subject of the feature and the mainstream. Third, adaptability and satisfaction from the current our country can not meet the market demand, the development trend of CNC punch press, domestic features of adaptability and satisfaction is far less than the demand of the market. At present our country most mainly labor-intensive production features, technical content is low, it is difficult to adapt to the development of domestic CNC press brake machine press speed and technical requirements, especially high-grade CNC punch press. In addition, the feature and development ability is weak, new product development speed slow, most of the features the need for cooperation with foreign development, cooperative production, joint venture, even only for assembly. Fourth, the lack of high technical content of the threat to industry much dependence on the lack of core technology and key parts directly affect the safety of machine tool industry in China. As with the development of high speed machining technology, the traditional spindle structure is more and more can not adapt to the requirement of high speed and high precision. Thus, the high-speed motorized spindle technology in the application of nc machine tools is becoming more and more widely, the level of domestic electric spindle technology inevitably affects host product performance and level. Therefore, we need to enhance the consciousness of the early warning work, condensed wisdom and power industry, maintain the industrial safety.
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