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Domestic CNC punch press is expected to accelerate development speed

by:Ragos     2021-04-15
Speed up the development of home-made CNC machine tools, has received national attention. As is known to all, the shortage of research and development of CNC machine tools, operating personnel, the existing colleges and universities and the lack of their corresponding counterparts, are affecting the home-made numerical control machine tool of the research and development in the future. Therefore should play to the role of the machine tool factory, more especially some capable producers, through & other; Production, study and research & throughout; Combine to promote and speed up the training process. Haas companies in the United States in the United States and Canada set up 360 & other; Haas & technology education center throughout; And recently announced that it will build 100 in Europe & other; Haas & technology education center throughout; 。 They see the starting point is the numerical control machine tool talent shortage has become a common problem facing the world. Due to demand, nc machine tools training classes in society at present many, but aging problems, such as old teaching materials, teachers are widespread. Now the country's authorities are also aware of this, so on CNC machinery industry to the support part, but we all know that the development of an industry, is to rely on fresh blood. So in terms of CNC press brake machine press technology development, domestic CNC machine programming technology remains to be strengthened.
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