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Different forging equipment such as punch require different solutions

by:Ragos     2021-04-25
Punching machine and other forging equipment refers to the forging forming and separation machinery and equipment used in processing. First divided into forging hammer forging equipment, press brake machine press, hydraulic press, rotary forging machine and so on four categories. According to the features of no copper equipment need not, their maintenance method is different also, today, the press brake machine press manufacturer small make up will give you a brief introduction of different forging equipment maintenance method. 1, forging hammer: wipe the outer surface of forging, stick to clean; Wash pumps, filters, adhere to the oil flow, oil cup completely; Check the oil, and adhere to the good; Check the fastening parts, adhere to the shape, not loose; To view, wipe the operating system, adhere to sensitive solid; Wipe hammer stem oil, light hair and scars on the hammer rod; Check the anvil iron and dovetail crack, and adjust the position; Clean the motor and electrical box, check the electric parts with and without loose. 2, punch: view and clean each activity area; The manipulation of the handle ( Switch) Set ( Zero) ; Check, clean, tidy up operation and work area. 3, hydraulic press, check to see if the oil pool, oil level, oil standard correspondence rules, if not fit should be timely to fill oil; View button, do you have any jam; Check to see if the motor earthing line is loose, fall off or damaged. If there is loose should tighten, drop or damage shall notify maintenance personnel; View the secure safety protective equipment are in good condition; Check to see if the handle sensitive. Each part of the fastening loose nut; A hydraulic pump, check to see if the hydraulic pump function is good, have without block and the sealing parts and pipeline leak; Check the limit switch function is good, touch pieces positioning is normal; Always pay attention to all working parts temperature rise and acoustics are normal. 4, rotary forging press: external all view, completely clean the forging press outside, check to see if all the fastening screw loosening, all parts are in safety, without welding, crack or deformation phenomenon; Try to work to see, after forging press roll, view the presence of air leakage phenomenon, to view the presence of abnormal vibration machines together, according to the requirement of smooth; View the input equipment, conveyor chain must check one by one day, if discover wear serious, deformation, crack should be replaced; View and forging parts of the clutch equipment check and adjustment, on the pressure test. Forging equipment maintenance is not like cleaning, clean it. Different forging equipment maintenance method is different, more than expected for different forging equipment maintenance methods to be of assistance.
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