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Design punching machine operation and control system of the safety requirements

by:Ragos     2021-01-16
injury accident happened, about more than 90%, is a part of the staff body movement of the slider and mold clamp, or swept in the rotating drive transmission mechanism and gear. In order to prevent hurt by the slider grip the idea into the matter. Therefore, in the design of press brake machine press operation and control system, must ensure that the structure and properties of the following. ( A) When the slider anomalies ( Unscheduled slider normal down) When must have measures to prevent fishing rolling injury accident. 1. When the abnormal and brake skid ( Refers to the crankshaft of scheduled stop point and the actual point is not the same, the crankshaft center Angle) is commonly used in Not happen even when slider ( Secondary whereabouts) Phenomenon. 2. When the relay control circuit and the limit switch failure occurs, important components such as sliding block should not occur even rushed like now. 3. When using pneumatic clutch and the controller, after the solenoid valve malfunction, slider even shock phenomenon will not occur. 4. On the brake all loosen, the slider ( Such as in a slider on the metal mold accessories) Should not be free fall phenomenon. 5. When the clutch is in a state of joint, the main motor should not start. 6. When the pneumatic clutch and brake air pressure drops below the allowable values, press should not be able to continue to work. 7. Control clutch work compressed air system, or when an exception occurs, the electric control system can automatically release from the combiner, and makes the brake joint. ( 2) Due to the operation of the press and production work is monotonous, long working hours, easy to neglect or casually handles or part of the body into the slider in the danger zone, such as by clipping the accident injury. To this, must have sufficient protection measures. 1. Safety single trip, must put the hands button the operation process, as the slider reaches the bottom dead center before an integral part. 2. When will press the emergency stop control system, control system must be able to prevent the restart function. 3. Slider in the process of decline, part of the body should ensure that staff cannot enter the slider the danger zone. 4. Slider in the process of decline, part of the body when the staff has been in the slider the danger zone, punch should be able to immediately stop the ongoing work. 5. Operator wrong operation 'security a stroke' or 'continuous' and other works, the control system must have the function of preventing dangerous.
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