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Buy punch do sheet metal processing in the first place to consider several factors

by:Ragos     2021-05-30
Today, no opening, to the point, is full of dry! What processing, punch press tonnage, travel requirements, the area of the workbench, such as high speed is still slow press brake machine five categories. A,. processing a lot of things, the press can be cut, stretching, molding, stamping and other four major categories, more can play embryo fine share out bonus, punching and blanking, shear, stretch, twist, molding, stamping, etc. (2). Tonnage punch, is needed to complete the processing mould tonnage to estimate, therefore, the main factors influencing the press tonnage, includes data on parts Zhou Jiezhi length, thickness, material strength characteristics. Three, the stroke length and table size is for stamping parts shape size and depth to resolution. Four, the accounting department of daily production is mainly used to punch stroke number and press the Numbers required per minute, high speed is still slow punch the choice of the resolution, abilities fit into the overall demand. Will thus aggregated together to consider various properties, contains parts processing, data, using tools characteristic, etc. , for the perforation of the embryo, process, need to choose short stroke high speed punch, for forming, stretching process, such as the need to choose long stroke, and the slower speed of press brake machine, when used in coining, embossed embossing process, must choose the dead center, short stroke press with high energy. For forming, stretch, pressure process, in accordance with the data of different and there is a critical pressure rate, beyond the pressure rate, data that will break, and cooperating with the process and materials selection to achieve product quality characteristics, precision punching machine should also together into consideration, talent to create the excellent products. Don't know in the above aspects did you choose a good punch manufacturer to assist.
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