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Buy combination punch is how to choose the mold

by:Ragos     2021-01-16
Press select mould standard punch how to choose cutting die? Commend to you several criteria: first, you need according to your punch blanking force pick punch die cutter, to practice measure the height of punching machine, mold base, etc. , selected suitable die cutter unit according to the practical situation. Secondly, die cutter materials according to the processing of product materials to choose, don't consciously selected, disambiguation of dispute to the higher hardness of mould material, the better, high hardness stamping force is too large will cause cutting die cracking thin seam, affect the product accuracy, die cutter materials should have must be flexible, but also cannot too soft, stop reasonable selection according to the raw material of processed products. Began, and autumn to think one of the most important achievements of the consumption of the knife mold factory cutting die manufacture precision can reach your standard, the accuracy of this is to ensure that the consumption of processed products, is bound to find right mold factory, don't be greedy cheap and punch were damaged. Small press brake machine library choose now use knife method has the following two kinds: yellow knife set, and the cutting die, random transform method which is now the most throughout the way. In to install knife knife library for the first time, tell the manipulation of the futile seat number and in the knife knife mould number corresponding set of links, they remember the corresponding contact control futile, at a time when the cutting tools in use, the disambiguation of dispute will get back to the original knife set, but the manipulation of the futile can still remember the cutter location new knife set. This method is helpful to prolong in knife, knife. Because this approach often changes with knife set corresponding cutting die, therefore, when restart the machine, must make the knife back to zero, manifest check on the content and practice of cutting die insert situation. Knife mould number and seat number fixed corresponding methods in the selected knife method, inserted on the knife sets of cutting die, still get back to the original knife set after use, namely die cutter, and knife set, the corresponding contact is always the same. The benefits of this approach is that easy to grasp the knife mould, a see will know after knife set is what kind of cutting die. Another advantage is can reduce die cutter diameter, Ann just deliberately selected adjacent knife sets no knife. It is this convenience, according to the requirements of some users, there are still choose this method of choosing tools. But, this kind of method for finished with the tools necessary to get back to the original knife sets, mobile talents under a tool to be used to change the cutter location, and therefore is bound to increase in time. Compared with traditional punch, whether on the mechanical structure, or manipulation of the system and the function has a great break. Door production equipment has a combination punch press, hydraulic press, combined with various interests, individuation to optimize the planning, its features: low noise, high pressure, die station step is reasonable, positioning accuracy, is a good helper of system work.
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