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'Big heavy and high grade machine field

by:Ragos     2021-06-09
Benefit from the common machine tool demand and export recovery, ordinary machine tool performance is excellent. Need to pay attention to is that although the machine tool demand in China, the industry is good, but we believe that the high-end machine tool import substitution process is a relatively long process, domestic machine tool recognised by the market need a certain amount of time. At the same time, because of the impact of the Japanese nuclear leak, the progress of the nuclear power plant construction in our country is likely to slow, the demand for large forgings or slowing down. 2012 will face the challenges and opportunities coexist business situation. 1, numerical control tower steel structure processing complete sets of equipment: is expected to have positive growth. In 2012 is expected to power grid investment remained high levels, more than 300 billion yuan. This year tower steel structure equipment can still maintain a certain growth. 2, construction steel structure, the numerical control processing complete sets of equipment: the future space is very big, but steady growth in demand. Foreign steel structure housing ratio at about 50%, far less than one percent, and domestic is a big space to improve future. Due to cost factors, standards, and consumer habits, raise is a gradual process, expected income will be steady growth this year. 3, large plate steel structure numerical control of complete sets of processing equipment, the highest share, private businesses in such aspects as experience, financial strength, no advantage, its full-year revenue growth is expected to around 20%. 4, exports: expanding the international market focus this year. As the capacity gradually release, steady growth in domestic demand, develop the international market become inevitable. High-end CNC press brake machine tools in the field. International mold association secretary general luo hui said, machine tool industry are greatly influenced by the downstream demand, the downstream industry investment in fixed assets in a year, about 60% for machine tools. “ Five-year & throughout; Machine tool industry during the period of high iron, aerospace industry, automobile, engineering machinery and other industries investment growth, industrial structure adjustment, the demand for high-end CNC machine tools in the rising. According to the prediction that by 2020 the ratio of the low high-grade CNC machine will be achieved if the 0:20, high-grade CNC press brake machine tool in demand in 120000, has a broad market space. Company is specialized in the production of high-end CNC machine tool manufacturers, has a larger development space. ROM hundred hui pointed out that the development of advanced equipment manufacturing industry in China will eventually rely on civilian goods machine tool industry support, national machine tool industry will fully enjoy the machine tool market demand huge cake. Since the financial crisis, our country some major changes have taken place in machine tool market demand, the common machine tool demand dropped substantially, but the big heavy and high-grade machine tool's demand is relatively stable. Once the market confidence restored, international and domestic market demand for large heavy and high-grade machine tools, especially for large heavy and high-grade machine tool demand in China over the next five years will continue to maintain growth momentum. Big pioneer and leader in the field of heavy and high grade machine, horizontal machining center CNC heavy-duty horizontal lathe products unique, widely used in aerospace, heavy machine, heavy machinery, metallurgy, power generation, shipbuilding, chemical industry and national defense and other national key development areas, the future is very wide development space. Lo fai think, on the basis of profound technology, the accumulation of experience, fully grasp the future for a period of time large heavy and high-grade machine tool market demand of the market opportunities, implement & other Go out & throughout; Strategy is the inevitable choice of the company, and the depth of the enterprises in the industry cooperation, acquisition, and even foreign enterprises outside the province is a very good way.
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