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Bending machine work should be the same command in case of hurting hands

by:Ragos     2021-04-13
In April 2018, HOME LINK announced the formation of a new platform shell looking for a room, the main company is tianjin hut information technology co. , LTD. ( Hereinafter referred to as & other; Tianjin cottage & throughout; ) , business, according to actual control of man-made ZuoHui, tianjin hut yong-dong peng by the legal representative, registered capital of 10 million yuan, the registration time is on November 14, 2017. View the busbar bending machine under the model of contact ratio and consolidation; Check whether the positioning device fits the processing requirements; In has not been on board and the positioning shaft at the origin, work back to the origin program; Empty after busbar bending machine start working 1 & ndash; 2 minutes, skateboard full stroke movement 2 & ndash; 3, if found to have abnormal sound or immediately when there is something wrong with parking, sweep problem, all the rear can normal work. Busbar bending machine work by 1 person should be the same command, make manipulation of the worker and feed to suppress worker tightly close cooperation, ensure the safety of working staff are bearing the accurate signal bending; Busbar bending during compaction, in case when bending sheet metal cock hurt; The sheet metal die block the supply, resting after work; Under the change of variable modulus was reluctant to, do not allow any material with lower die touch. Stop plate at one end of the compressive and flexural strength alone; Busbar bending machine found artifacts or mould is not straight at work, should be parking proofreading, stop the hands of work be checked in case of hurting hands; Stop fold the ultra thick iron or steel, alloy steel, square steel and quenching far more than bus sheet metal bending machine machine, avoid damage to the machine tool; Before is really see motor, switch, line and grounding is normal and strong, to check the equipment the operating parts and buttons are sluggish in accurate location. The purpose lies in the enterprise development needs, the action of the original investors in HOME LINK shares will mirror translation to shell to find a room by agreement.
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