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Bending machine sheet metal bending length is folded in half a great influence on the precision of bending

by:Ragos     2021-04-12
In fact, large bending machine sheet metal bending length can be folded in half a great influence on the precision of bending, the longer the large sheet metal bending machine, require bending load. Therefore, the inclination of the bending machine and the deformation of the slide block is larger, leading to more difficult to ensure accuracy. Usually, the bending will include the total length of the precision of bending Angle is called & other; Linear precision & throughout; 。 If you do not take effective measures, then on the bending die die into the length direction is consistent, so that the bending parts appear bad phenomenon. So to use finite element simulation method for slider bearing and deformation analysis, extraction, form deflection compensation curve correction, and USES the drive motor or manual adjustment, the total length or local realize deflection compensation, improved the precision of large size of the bending machine line. Large bending machine sliding block is made up by different shaped steel plate welding, the process of modeling, affect the outcome very small details ignored, only keep the slider of the main structure. Due to the structure of any 3 d position, and to adapt to curve boundary of the model can be a very good, so it can more accurately analyze the elastic deformation of the slider. At the same time to fully consider the large bending machine load was applied, and constraints of slide block under the actual working condition, large bending machine slider is always in a state of motion. Due to static analysis was carried out on the slide block alone, must be to simplification and approximation of slider constraints, node symmetry constraints imposed on the middle of the slider symmetry plane; Sliding block is fixed by the Settings on the rack, guide rail and slide block at the back of the implementation of all constraints imposed in this area on the other hand, hydraulic cylinder with large bending machine the slider at the bottom of the contact area on surface load, due to the length slider vertical deformation is very small, small elastic deformation, the model of the slider at the bottom of the bearing surface applied uniformly distributed load; On the slider at the bottom and are connected by a connection piece, guarantee the force evenly by the slider to the upper die. Then set the path, through in-depth analysis to extract the slider at the bottom of the mechanical deformation of the deflection curve, the maximum displacement was in the middle of the slider, on both sides to show parabolic decrease gradually, at the same time can be bent on the length direction deformation displacement at any position, to design array wedge form different from the Angle of deflection curve provides the data support.
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