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Bending machine industry is developing rapidly in China, the market prospect is good

by:Ragos     2021-03-12
Choose stainless steel bending machine a few questions to consider: CNC bending machine and other nc equipment in the field of processing and process on the properties are different. It's best to start out with machines of end-use, known the possibility of scratching variables, parts of bending radius etc. Think carefully about what to buy. So you have responsibility to play a leading role in detail to understand the performance of the equipment, the machining scope, function, processing precision, and so on. Precision bending precision demand is a need careful consideration, it is this factor, determines the you need to consider a CNC bending machine, or a common stainless steel bending machine. If the bending precision & plusmn; 0. 5° Inside and cannot be changed, you must focus on several point bending machine. CNC bending machine slider repeat accuracy is generally can guarantee in & plusmn; 0. 01 mm, forming precision of Angle that should be used in the precision and good mould. Bending machine slider repeat precision for & plusmn; 0. 5 mm, NC and under article adopt suitable mold piece will typically produce & plusmn; 2~3° The deviation. In addition, CNC bending machine is equipped with loading module control system quickly and die fixture, when you need to bend, many small batch parts, this is a no doubt consider the reasons. Die bending die is also directly affect the precision of bending, so make inspection on mold mold wear degree, method is a measure of the length of the upper die front end to shoulder and lower die between the shoulder length. For conventional mold, every 10 mm deviation should be in & plusmn; 0. 01 mm or so, and no greater than the total length deviation & plusmn; 0. 15mm。 As for fine grinding mold, each should be 100 mm precision & plusmn; 0. Shall not be greater than 005 mm, total precision & plusmn; 0. 05mm。 Best to fine grinding mould used for CNC bending machine, conventional mould used for NC bending machine.
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