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Bending machine hydraulic system pressure caused by the root cause of the poor

by:Ragos     2021-02-11
CNC bending machine 】 Bending machine hydraulic system pressure caused by the root cause of the poor guys read a little of what is going on today cause bending machine hydraulic system pressure difference, expect to everyone to have certain assistance; A common faults: 1, the proportion of overflow valve solenoid coil have to electricity, accounted for the electromagnetic coil voltage is conform to the provisions, such as described in the root cause, please check the corresponding electrical equipment. 2, check the bending machine cartridge valve is stuck or main valve core is stuck, and its damping holes blocked, if the root cause is stated, please tear open outfit overflow valve clean wash and loaded again. 3, three-phase power supply phase modulation, resulting in motor reverse it. Common fault 2: guide rail sliding block quickly turn slow speed, stop too long time. 1, check the oil level is too low, tank liquid mouth not flooded, quickly put on the hydraulic cylinder cavity liquid suction when empty liquid is not enough. As described in the root cause of bending machine of the oil tank can be added to liquid mouth more than 5 mm above the charging hole completely submerged. 2, check the fast speed is too fast, causing liquid enough. As described in the fundamental reason for main parameters according to the change of the system software to reduce fast rate. 3, remind check charging valve be opened completely, if because of the oil pollution, make the liquid valve valve core activity holds the card lag phenomenon of liquid not flexible enough. Need to clean up the liquid valve again pack that valve core. Common faults of three: the guide rail slider return to normal, normal fast, manual can't slow down, the folded plate bending machine. 1, check the control liquid control oil two four-way reversing valve is working properly, if be the trigger charging valve open, make the mouth cavity with liquid tank are interlinked, cannot build pressure. The fundamental reasons of the valve does not work is no electricity or stuck. 2, check the charging valve is stuck, if yes, please clean liquid valve, packed again, to make the valve core. Common fault 4: guide rail sliding block return rate is too slow, high back pressure. Such common faults mainly bending machine charging valve does not open, this phenomenon was described and common fault phenomena of three logical relationship, on the other hand, can be reference to the solution of the common faults of three methods for processing.
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