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With high and new technology industry technology upgrade traditional punch

by:Ragos     2021-01-24
The day before yesterday morning, Ryan, a steel factory in wenzhou xu drove to wenzhou city science and technology museum, attract he is here at the 2012 conference on laser application innovation in China. “ Laser technology with traditional industry is becoming more and more closely, we bought a local research and development of the first half of the laser cutting machine, in use process felt the high-tech brings benefit. The wanted to come to know under what could use laser technology. ” Mr. Xu said with mirth. Laser and optoelectronic industry cluster construction for wenzhou upgrading of traditional industries with powerful support, increase product added value, the traditional industry in wenzhou for laser and optoelectronic industry cluster provides a huge market space. Ten years ago, & other; Jia tai laser & throughout; Is an enterprise engaged in the clothing sales, and higher production cost factors, transformation into the laser industry. Master the core technology of the laser, the company produced the world's most high power laser cutting machine. The 2 kw laser cutting machine on the 16 mm thick steel plate easily cut out of a flower. Walk into & other; Jia tai laser & throughout; , the reporter sees this cutting machine mainly by the computer platform, laser and mobile work platform in three parts. In the process of demonstration, the staff first turn on the steel plate on the equipment work platform, then expected graphics via USB into the computer system, and finally click & other; Identify & throughout; Button, the laser over the steel plate according to the expected graph went a circle, the outline of a few seconds to complete a standard circle cutting. The whole process, like holding a pen knife depict as easy on the paper. Precise, fast and convenient it is compared with the traditional punching process of the great advantages of laser cutting machine. Wenzhou city technology bureau chief Xu Shundong said, wenzhou industrial transformation and upgrading, to vigorously promote the strategic emerging industries. “ Like a laser and optoelectronics industry cluster, it will bring new hope to wenzhou. ” In recent years, wenzhou strongly support the laser and optoelectronic industry cluster construction, growing industry scale, the innovation ability strengthens continuously, initially formed in laser application, semiconductor lighting, featuring an optical communication industry chain, will guide, the whole construction machinery to emerge a batch of high value-added, high high growth of strategic emerging industry cluster area. “ As a professional science and technology exhibition, the introduction of scientific and technological achievements in preparing, we pay special attention to research and development strength, high technical level, the height of the potential project. Early, the domestic high-power high-end laser processing equipment leading enterprises & ndash; — Pentium chutian laser and photoelectric technology equipment co. , LTD formally settled in wenzhou industrial clusters. This is the first in a cluster of high-tech, high level laser leading enterprises, development and transformation for the construction of the cluster icon. ” Wenzhou city technology bureau department concerned chief says. At present, the wenzhou city a total of more than 80 laser and optoelectronics, including 32 new and high technology enterprises, realize the output value of nearly 30 billion yuan in 2011. Laser and optoelectronics industry in the city the main focus of the city and the surrounding places such as Ryan, cangnan, yueqing, always fine, initially formed in laser application features, LED lighting, optical communication industry chain. A group of traditional industry backbone enterprises are turning to laser and optoelectronics industry. According to statistics, & other; Five-year & throughout; During the laser and optoelectronic industry in the city of wenzhou will new investment 26 billion yuan, at that time, China ( Wenzhou) Laser and optoelectronic industry cluster will become more influential in the country's industrial cluster, will become China's largest laser application center in wenzhou.
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