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Full Electric Servo Bending Metal Sheet Forming Machine Manufacturers


FUll-electric servo bending machine



CNC Press Brake, Plate Shearing Machine, V Grooving Machine, Forming Machine, Sheet Metal Automation...
RAGOS uses scientific and smart after-sales process management to provides fast and efficient service with customers around the world.

To achieve high-speed, high-precision products, the company co-developed with Japan NADIC Co., Ltd., and Japan advanced technology and imported spare parts, specializing in manufacturing servo CNC bending machines, press brake machines, metal bending machines, CNC turret punch press, and other sheet metal equipment. Our products have been covered in more than a dozen areas such as electrical applications, telecommunications, kitchen, elevators, lighting, furniture, and so on as well as high reputation in the domestic market.Looking for a highly functional press brake with enough features and flexibility to adapt to new needs and grow with your business? Need a custom solution built to fit a highly specialized need? We have some good news.Bending technology has grown leaps and bounds, giving you more opportunities to streamline your workflow, optimize energy consumption, minimize day-to-day operating costs, boost production speeds, and achieve greater operating efficiencies than ever before—all in just a few short years.

That means that finding a press brake that delivers highly accurate work across all kinds of materials and thicknesses, fits your needs like a glove, and impacts your business in all kinds of impressive ways is not only possible—it’s a whole lot easier than you might think.

Let’s see what the future of bending has in store for you.

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Control panel

CNC Controller

Parts nameUnitNG-3512NG-4015NG-6020
Nominal pressureton354060
Workbench Lengthmm120015002000
Workbench heightmm885900900
Opening heightmm300300300
Throat depthmm420220220
Slider strokemm150150150
Maximum X-axis rangemm400400400
Climbing/ Returning speedmm/s250200150
Bending speedmm/s202020
X-axis moving speedm/min303020
Machine axisaxis666
Power capacitykVA152030
Main motor powerkW5.5711
Machine weightkg300039005000
Machine dimensionsmm1428/2346/14122060/2440/13002612/2440/1500


Specific parameters

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