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What is the advantage to hydraulic presses with servo system

by:Ragos     2021-01-30
First let's see the servo system. Servo system is a kind of control motor speed, Angle and speed, and then converts electrical energy into mechanical energy, completes the movement which the mechanical requirements of a system, it is the center of the control unit, control targets for servo motor and mechanical movement to drive devices, actuators are power electronic power meter transformation equipment, under the guidance of the theory of automatic control of electric drive automatic control system. The advantages of hydraulic presses with servo system are: ( 1) Hydraulic actuator fast, reversing quickly. Flow & ndash; — In terms of speed of the transfer function, is basically a great vibration natural frequency link, and follow the flow increase and the best matching parameters can make the natural frequency increases to and compare the natural frequency of the electro-hydraulic servo valve. Natural frequency of the electro-hydraulic servo valve generally above 100 hz, and the frequency response of hydraulic actuator is very quickly, and easy to high speed start, braking, and reversing. Compared with mechanical and electrical system of actuators, general high natural frequency. ( 2) Hydraulic press hydraulic actuator volume and weight is far less than the same power of electromechanical actuator volume and weight. Due to the following power to add hydraulic actuator ( Such as valve, hydraulic cylinder or motor) The volume and weight of adding far slower than electromechanical actuators are added, this is due to the former mainly by increasing the liquid flow rate and pressure to add power, while the motor size and the weight will add some, but can choose high strength and light metal materials to reduce the volume and weight. ( 3) Hydraulic actuator is stable, strong anti-interference ability, especially in low speed performance is good, and the mechanical and electrical system of stability is poorer, and is liable to be influenced by various outside interference such as electromagnetic wave. ( 4) Hydraulic actuator control size, high power gain. Hydraulic presses with into a servo system of hydraulic servo press machine, servo press generally refers to high-speed press brake machine press with servo motor to drive control. Containing metal forging with servo press and refractory materials such as class-specific servo press. 液压机的伺服系统转化为液压伺服冲床。 伺服冲床通常指的是高速压力机由伺服电机驱动的。 它包括专业伺服冲床金属锻造、伺服冲床和耐火材料。
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