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What are the factors affecting the development of Chinese press industry in modern?

by:Ragos     2021-01-14
Stop: (the elements of modern national press industry to carry out 1) Semi-colonial and semi-feudal society environment, imperialism, feudalism and bureaucratic capital of squeezing and binding, this is to prevent to develop the core elements of modern press industry. ( 2) Specific elements are: (1) to the deficiency of national press industry. Compared with western modern press industry in China the lack of capital, talents, skills, market and the concept of preparation, congenital deficiency embodied in national press industry less money, planning a small, skill strength is weak. (2) the acquired malformation. Under the feudalism and foreign capital socialist press, press brake machine press industry investment direction and carried out mainly in the field of light industry, heavy industry foundation is weak, and are mainly distributed in the coastal and trading ports, the industrial structure and regional distribution imbalance makes the punch industry in deformity, failed to constitute a complete system of punching machine independently. (3) in the modern China political instability for a long time, make the CNC punching machine industry to carry out the lack of a stable social environment. Promote the elements of press brake machine industry: (1) the encroachment of western powers, constantly pounding the social mode of production and ideology in our country, decompose the autarky feudal economy in our country, objectively to the summon up and development of press brake machine industry supply certain conditions and may. (2) the policy of our government: due to the impact and consolidate the rule of demand s trends, regime of the late qing dynasty, beiyang government, nanjing national government has encouraged run industries. (3) people's anti-imperialist patriotic enthusiasm rising in our country, make & other; Industrial saving & throughout; With increasingly widespread social foundation, especially against foreign goods, advocate the Chinese sports growing, effectively promote the development of the hydraulic press industry. (4) industrialists unyielding patriotism is supporting the modern press industry twists and turns to carry out the source of power and strength.
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