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Use of punching machine manufacturer needs to pay attention to improve the punch sealing performance

by:Ragos     2021-05-23
Whether to use punch any intrusive enterprises or similar press manufacturer factory all the equipment must be in the processing in case of leakage and dust fall into must have sealed equipment. Press hydraulic system plays a sealing function components, namely seals, seal of press hydraulic system is used to avoid fluid or solid particles from leakage between adjacent joint surface, and avoid the impurities such as dust and moisture into the inside of the machine equipment components or parts information, press seal leakage of hydraulic system can form the spoils of homework medium, machine and environment, and even cause the failure of the mechanism operation and equipment accidents. 扮演穿孔液压系统密封元素,即海豹,海豹冲液压系统用于避免液体或固体颗粒从邻近关节泄漏,避免外部杂质如灰尘和水进入机器内部零部件的材料或部件,海豹和穿孔液压系统泄漏将形成操作中垃圾污染和环保机械,甚至导致人身意外故障的机械和设备。 Press hydraulic system the operation reliability and service life of seals is a key objective measure of hydraulic system is good or bad. Besides gap seal, all is the use of seals, make the space between the adjacent two coincidence appearance control in the smallest space needs sealing liquid can pass the following, seal in touch seal in the press brake machine press hydraulic system, generally divided into type sealing pressure tight seal and sealing type self-tightening sealing lip also said) Two, but, punch press hydraulic system of all kinds of seal, main factors affecting its performance are different, like seal punch it has, by the different influence of temperature and pressure as well as the existing in the preface. 密封操作的可靠性和使用寿命打孔机的液压系统是一个重要的目标来测量液压系统的质量。 除了密封间隙,印章的使用,最小间距的两个相邻的需求之间的差距控制巧合出现密封液体可以通过以下类型密封冲头液压系统密封联系,一般分为自我密封压式密封和自我风格的自我紧缩式密封唇口。 也称为信2,) 但是,各种各样的穿孔液压系统密封元素影响的性能是不同的,这就像打密封压力和温度,存在不同的影响。
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