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Innovation is the rising trend of the development of CNC punch press industry

by:Ragos     2021-04-20
Now, each career development is faced with many difficulties. How to adapt to the new normal market competition has become the professional problem. With CNC punch professional development, with the deepening of reform, supply side career are coming to the key period of polarization. From punch professional at the annual meeting of the communication in the near future, we can understand, in order to meet the test, the enterprise has introduced various measures to carry out the situation at that time. Improve the set up different talents has become the focus of the mechanical press enterprises to carry out. Following processing professional deepening, the development requirements of equipment to a new height. Set different lack of talent has become one of the important factors for restricting the hydraulic press. For bending vendors would, if you don't stand, you will die. Only put forward different talents, talents we standing in mechanical punch professional rising trend. Hydraulic press hydraulic unit by the hydraulic pump, hydraulic cylinder, hydraulic control valve and hydraulic pressure for parts. Mechanical press for components including tubing and tubing connector, fuel tanks used for storage and heat dissipation. Separation of oil, oil filter, sealing components, punch packing element in the air and impurities. Of the same type, same component and structure,. The same press on the same component is replaced in the same position ( Interchangeable) To prove that replacement parts for work in a reliable way. Replace method strengths lies in the fact that even the repairman's technical level is low, also can apply this method to accurately diagnose four-column press. However, it is necessary for the application of this method according to the same type, have the same structure of hydraulic components, hydraulic principle and press brake machine, so this method has significant limitations and blindness. oil fuel tanks used for storage and heat dissipation for parts.
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