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As a high-precision CNC planer machine a CNC machine the advantages

by:Ragos     2021-06-04
As a high precision nc machine tools, it has obvious different and common machine tool, need frequent adjustments to replace ordinary machine tool in mold machine, and CNC planer machine does not need frequent replacement, thus greatly shorten the production preparation time on production, save time on the premise of improving the efficiency of production. Compared to common machine tool, CNC planer machine advantages or a lot. CNC planer machine main performance and features: 1, the machine tool CNC planer machine is made of high strength steel plate welding, again through thermal tempering heat treatment processing, eliminate the welding stress, body deformation, high strength, good stability. By the front-end into 2, machining hydraulic clamping, hydraulic clamp pressure, high degree of automation, convenient to operate. 3, CNC press brake machine working independently adjustable, the cutting accuracy can be controlled in 0. 02mm。 4, head adopts servo drive, mobile torque, deceleration is fast, accurate location, high efficiency. 5, main shaft of CNC press brake machine adopt gear and rack driving, strong rigidity, small resistance, increase energy efficiency and save energy. 6, planer slot position servo nc positioning, double wire rod synchronous transmission, accurate location, good parallelism. After 7, machine tool positioning platform through steel pipe connection, ensure the board face level off, reduce the surface deformation caused by error. All of these advantages, CNC press brake machine can be recognised, indeed because of its stable performance and high efficiency.
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